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19 January 2006 @ 11:59 pm
Who wants to see the world's ugliest album cover? And then hear a rant? Woot woot!

What the fuck? Why is Peyton on the cover, and Sophia is just a tiny, miniscule box? (Yes, I realize, Hilarie has a name.)

Wait, stop there. Who the hell has a name like Hilarie spelled that way? Did her parents plan on making her sound like a lesbian?

Yeah, that's just insulting me, cause I plan on naming one of my future (I mean 25, not this year, lol) daughters Aymey (instead of Amy).


So, that concludes this mini-rant.

Oh yeah. I bought myself a paid account! Woot!
My current Stuck-In-The-Head-Song:: Who Is It- Bjork